Yes it's true, CiviMail can be run on shared hosting! This enables small-to-medium sized organizations to run full scale massmailings and effectively target constituents and donors.

Lots Happening

Wow it's been a busy last couple of weeks!

Today we launched a new site for The C.O.R.E Foundation (Canadians Organized for Relief Effort). There's some touchups still to come, but it's 98% there. There's the standard assortment of modules, plus I've setup the SimpleNews module to handle small-scale mailings. This is my first experience with this module but I immediately felt that it was more solid then some of the other small-scale sollutions that I've tried. We'll see how it goes.

Also there's a few bi-elections comming up that the Green Party of Alberta is gearing up for. We rolled out a lot of new features for them including a new donation/membership system, a new cleaner front-page, a store for selling Green Party hoodies & Coffee mugs. And we're working on more including tools for phone-banking and canvasing, and we're moving them up to the heavy-weight massmailing tool CiviMail.

The fun just doesn't stop. But I am tired. It's a good thing that Easter is here and we'll be taking the next 4 days off.