Many web development firms are skilled in creating e-commerce sites for typical corporations, but they do not understand how to present an organization whose core objective is not profit. Here the currency is not money, but community development, member participation, and a better society. These unique objectives require unique tools. helps nonprofits find the tools to help meet these needs. We can help your organization take full advantage of the internet by finding the best tools available and customizing them to fill your needs.
Does your organization effectively keep your members, volunteers and the press up to date?
Many organizations are doing great work, but people just don't know about it. can setup blogs, email newsletters, targeted email blasts, and RSS feeds to help you communicate to your constituents.
Are you keeping your constituents engaged?
Letting them know what your organization is doing is one thing, getting them involved is another. The web offers incredible potential for keeping your constituents engaged and participating. Things like user generated content, and distributed content. For more information, check out our article on What is "Web 2.0".
Do you have many lists of contacts throughout your organization and you're not sure what information is current? can help you pull all of your information together in one place that all of your staff can access. You control who has access to what information.
Does your nonprofit effectively target donors?
Donations are an essential part of the social change. Organizations need to be able to accept online donations. But that's only the half of it. can provide you with tools to help you keep in regular contact with your donors and track all the activities with your major donors. It can be extremely helpful to know that you last spoke to that major donor when you had lunch 6 months ago; perhaps it's time you meet again.
Do you find it a challenge to get your internal groups organized?
There are many online tools available that can heighten your groups' ability to organize. This includes things like event management, online discussion groups, or email discussion lists.