Green Party of Alberta


This site, developed for the Green Party of Alberta, is the central organizing point for the party. At first glance it appears very simple, but it incorporates some powerful tools such as blogs, a CRM, a wiki, event management, task management, and small-group organization tools. Grass roots organizing is part of the Green Party philosophy, so tools to organize the constituents are an important part of the site.


Like an iceberg, this site is a lot bigger than what you can see. Under the surface and out of site of the public is a powerful system that manages all of the contacts of the Party. This includes members, volunteers, donors, the media, and other partnering organizations. All information on a contact's membership history and donations are recorded within the system. Whenever someone is contacted, either by email or phone, that information is also recorded.

Policy Wiki

The Greens, being a bottom up organization, develop the policy as a group. This requires tools that enable people from across the province to contribute to policy development. A wiki is a tool that allows a group of people to contribute to the creation of a document. Anyone can comment on the policy created here. The policy team then compiles all the comments into proposals which get voted on twice a year at a policy convention.

Event Management

Events from across the province are posted here. Viewers to the site can filter the list of events by region.

Security and Access Control

Given that a lot of personal information is stored on the site, security is of utmost importance. The leadership of a Constituency Association has access only to those contacts within that riding. Only members of the policy team can edit policy proposals. Only members of the financial team have access to donation records. The access control is fine grained and easy to update.

Green Store

In spring 2007 a new store was launched for the Alberta Greens. Partnering with e-commerce consultants Benzaiten, a store was developed for the site using Ticketmaster's IATS payment processor for nonprofit organizations.

Phonebanking & Canvassing Tools

There are over 2 million registered voters in Alberta. During an election, tools to manage voter lists are crucial to a successful campaign. Sub-sites are run for each ridding to enable campaign managers to coordinate their campaigns. There is tight security on who can access which parts of the voter list. Phonebanking and canvassing campaigns can then be effectively coordinated on a province-wide scale.