So I was doing some development today for a new client's site. I was trying some new things and working with the Drupal API. Drupal has a good reference site for the API at api.drupal.org. I was working with a theme function. With the theme functions you simply copy the original function into your theme and then make whatever changes you want. It's part of what makes Drupal so easy to customize.

However when I pasted the function into my theme I started getting a bunch of errors. After a bit of hunting around I discovered that the code on api.drupal.org was not quite current. After finding the current version of the function, everything was ok.

I'm not sure how often the code on api.drupal.org gets updated, but apparently it's not enough. It's obvious that the main module that runs the site needs some updating as 5.0 is not even listed (You need to search under the HEAD branch). Does that mean that the code content hasn't been updated since before the last branch? That can't be right.

I wonder who to talk to about this?