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Back from vacation

So I'm back from vacation. We had a great time out in Victoria staying with our good friends Lauren & Daryl Elving-Klassen. On the coast the trees have buds, and the tulips are just poking through the ground. We arrive back in Calgary to 10cm of fresh snow and highs of -15C. Who lives in this place??? A few days ago a minor vulnerability crept up in Drupal core. And another one in the captcha module which I use on sites that allow anonymous comments. I quickly patched all of sites that we work on (It would be pretty tricky to exploit these flaws, but we make it a policy to stay on top of these things). Unfortunately the patch for captcha made the module unusable in some of the most common configurations (!?!?!?). So I dug into the code and fixed the flaw. This is the great thing about Open Source Software. Someone found a vulnerability in the code and made a fix for it, giving it back to the community at large. I found a bug in the code and made a fix for it, giving it back to the community at large. No one person (or any closed group) could have created a CMS/framework/platform as solid/scalable/flexible/etc. as what Drupal has become. Because we share our work, we all benefit.

Advanced CSS techniques

CSSI just stumbled across this amazing list of advanced CSS techniques. A lot of these I know, but there's some really amazing things in there that I've not tried yet. I need to take a closer look at these.

Not just technology

CiviCRMI came across a great quote in the CiviCRM year end review:

Technology is not a sufficient condition for raising nonprofit effectiveness. It is a well documented fact that technology only impacts corporate productivity when combined with changes in business process. Technology and business process together are necessary and sufficient conditions for increasing nonprofit effectiveness.
David Geilhufe - CiviCRM

This is so true. The crux of the matter in my mind is usability and flexability. Those changes in business practice can only happen if the technology can be molded to fit with the way the organization works. And the technology will only be used effectively if the organization understands how to use it.

New site, new blog

I've been pretty busy with client work over the past few months which seriously delayed me getting this site up. But it's finally here. CommunIT.ca finally has a web presence. Rather important seeing as what we do is help other people (nonprofit organizations and the like) develop a web presence. And along with the new site is this new blog. What you'll find on this blog is news about CommunIT.ca and my thoughts on the sites that I'm working on and the tools that are used. The main tools that get used are Drupal and CiviCRM. These are two great FLOSS tools that are made for non-profit organizations.